Decovita Ceramic set out on a journey to make our highly diverse and quality products available at affordable prices.

Our guiding principle was to feed a love of life into elegant, modern and impressive custom-made designs. This is what lies behind our more than 2.500 porcelain tile patterns inspired by nature.

With superior design and quality, we blend on an optimum level the traditional and the modern, which are indivisible parts of a whole. We hence strive to enrich first our job and then our life. Created at the highest standards and with the latest technology in the ceramics industry, our products are now available in more than 50 countries including chiefly UK, Germany, France, Spain, USA and Russia, representing the quality and expertise of Decovita Porcelain Ceramic.

We add a new touch of chic in houses with Full Lappato, Silver Stone, HDR Stone, HDR Wood and DRY Granule surfaces produced in our factories, as well as Sugar Effect, made only in our factories in Turkey for the first time. We embellish these surfaces with Natural Stone, Wood, Concrete, Marble and Textile textures.

Our Extra-Strong glazed porcelain series include 20mm(3/4”) and 30mm(1 ¼”) thick tiles in various sizes, suitable for outdoor applications.

Our exclusive glazing technology protects our ceramics against scratch or chemicals such as bleach. We also turn them into three-dimensional pieces with a natural stone feel. To preserve this very naturalness, we are able to reduce the grout joint from 3mm in market standards, to as low as one millimeter with our high-calibration standards.

When Decovita products are evaluated in terms of quality, these features stand out:

Printing- Color Quality
With special glazing technologies, ceramics give a feeling of natural stone. This technology also adds three-dimensional feelings to the surface. Thanks to the special glazing compounds developed in our in house laboratories, we have achieved brightness of 95%.

Perfect Calibration (Measure)
The tiles are carefully fired in the kiln and rectified to meet highest tolerance standards. This enables to reduce the grout joint size to 1mm which gives the most natural finished look.

Durability / Resistance:
Our products are resistant to scratches and chemicals such as bleach. It maintains its color and texture of the first day for many years. Surface hardness of Mohs 7 and above is certified in lab tests.


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